The Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) Rifle

All illustrations from "Rifle Exercises Simplified" (Sydney: 1915)

The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle is constructed on the bolt system, the breech being closed by a bolt worked by a lever on the right side. The bolt contains the mainspring and striker.

The striker is inserted from the front of the bolt; its rear end passes through the mainspring, and screws into the cocking-piece, thus connecting the cocking piece and bolt. The front of the mainspring bears against the collar on the striker, and bear against the collar on the striker, and the rear end against the back of the bolt chamber.

The bolt-head is a separate component. It carries the extractor, extractor screw, and a V-shaped spring, and is connected with the bolt by means of a screwed tenon, in which is cut a slot which acts as a key for removing the striker from the cocking-piece. A hook on the right side of the bolt-head, which engages with a rib on the body, secures the bolt-head when the bolt is rotated.